Keeping the world grounded since 1976

Design • Testing • Remediation • Regulatory Compliance

Electromagnetic Management

Interference (EMI) • Compatibility (EMC) • Pulse (EMP)
                 Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)                
Lightning Mitigation • Transient Energy Mitigation

What We Do


Concept to Compliance:

We take an idea from its conception through completion and onto product certification

Problem Remediation:

We solve Electromagnetic environmental design and testing challenges understanding time is of the essence


Compliance Navigation:

We understand that success depends on meeting the compliance standards to move a product forward



Our custom designs have led to hundreds of patents for our clients

Our clients see results because we listen and apply decades of hands-on experience to every request. We understand the importance of building relationships – going beyond a “one-time fix” to build continuous improvement partnerships.

Who We Serve

We provide unrivaled expertise in EMI, EMC, EMP and lightning and transient energy mitigation to a diverse set of clients.